Saving Haiti: How Disaster Relief Volunteers Are Changing the World

Hurricane Matthew devastated Haiti, killing up to 1000 people and displacing more than 2.1 million citizens.

With their homes ripped apart and their dreams on hold, many Haitians are now reeling from the aftermath of the natural disaster that took away their lives. The government makes efforts to maintain their economy and assist people in this emotional time.

However, with volunteer groups now active in Haiti, the government gains assistance, working
alongside to bring peace and stability in the country.

Volunteer Disaster Relief in Haiti

Many not-for-profit organizations such as The Dathan Project have been steadfast at work, bringing in donations and aid from different organizations to help the Haitians get back on their feet.

From providing them with necessary items for their well-being such as toiletries, clothes, food, tents, water, first aid kits etc, to training various literate workers; organizations are working diligently. We are operating various programs such as the:

Model City Program – We partner with a city and assist in development projects. Our projects include building schools, youth empowerment centers, hospitals and agricultural projects.

Self-Determination Program – We train participants in helping them cultivate their emotional and physical health, work habits and support them in planning and implementing a self-sustained economic program.

Socio-Cultural Program – We promote Haitian culture and artistic expression so we can educate the world about Haiti—in Haiti and abroad.

Community Improvement Program – This program assists those Haitians that are now living in the US and are trying to integrate themselves into the western society.

Why We Manage Such Programs

There are numerous organizations that work hard to bring donations.

However, the reason we provide these programs, in addition to our dedicated donations and assistance, is because we want to make a bigger impact on the population in general.

Money and donations can help repair the country’s economy and concerns, but it won’t lessen the trauma the country, as a whole, has experienced. Haiti is crippled.

Our programs connect with their culture, the one factor that brings them together. And through that, we try to connect with the community, providing them with the support they need.

Help is Necessary!

Even two months later, the after-effects of Hurricane Matthew continue to disrupt our progress and efforts. You can help us.

The Dathan Project is looking for volunteers interested in relief work. If you believe that you may be able to help us, become a disaster relief volunteer and turn your compassion into action!